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Curiosity drives. Our musical world is like a flea market, a bazaar, an attic full of stuff waiting to be explored. Our ears love strange sounds and instruments. They trigger questions on style, genre, instrumentation: ‘What if we could…?’.

Curiosity embraces. Our art is all about incorporation: acquired knowledge and fresh insight are respectfully transformed into something new. Other art forms may enter our stage.

Curiosity communicates. After a lot of preparation, we allow our improvisational qualities to take over. An ultimate form of musical thinking, not limited to the jazz tradition. We like our performances to make the audience an active partner in the creative moment.

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Rembrandt Trio & Kayhan Kalhor – ‘Offering’

Kayhan Kalhor, kamancheh & Rembrandt Trio on fortepiano, violone and Whisper Kit. Live on Dutch national television, 2018

Rembrandt Trio – ‘Skoeba’

Live at BIMHUIS Amsterdam

Hossein Alizadeh, Rembrandt Trio, CelloOctet – ‘Finale’

Live at contemporary music festival November Music 2017, the Netherlands

The Contemporary Fortepiano – Rembrandt Trio

A teaser from the 2018 album, featuring the fortepiano, violone and Whisper Kit

Salon Joussour with Rima Khcheich

Live in Archeological Museum Leiden, the Netherlands, 2013. Special edition of Salon Joussour celebrating 400 Years of Arabic Studies at the University of Leiden



Tony Overwater and his Faunus Violone

This summer film maker Pim Hawinkels filmed me and my Faunus violone at the Chapel in St. Jean. It’s the fifth film we made together at this magical location in a little village in the middle of France.
The first time I recorded my solo composition ‘Chanson d’un Faune’ on the Faunus Violone built by Gesina Liedmeier.

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Five Star Review Graffiti Jazz in Jazzthetik

The album Graffiti Jazz received a 5 star review by the prestigious German Jazz magazine Jazzthetik.

“Once an avid sprayer (hence the album title Graffiti Jazz), Rembrandt Frerichs (44) now teaches at the conservatory and curates concerts (when they are allowed to take place). With Tony Overwater (b) and Vinsent Planjer (dr), the Dutchman leads a trio that has been celebrated for years. The trio’s new album aims to translate the cheeky euphoria of graffiti street art directly into jazz: Unbridled motorik is the trump card. The musical inspiration for these clanking, machine-like, galvanized rhythms could be found in speed metal, but also in Bulgarian wedding dances, rattling clockworks or perhaps even a newly and differently heard Johann Sebastian Bach. What drummer Planjer does here, with cymbals, rattles, bells, and other metal parts, is reminiscent of a clattering, over-the-top mechanical contraption.
Ingeniously, though, this crazy motorwork combines with great improvisation, even swing (“The Big Over Easy”) or a Paul Simon song – “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover” has never had so much funk.
To take a breather, there are two ballads, one of them with the most beautiful of all Brahms themes.”
Hans-Jürgen Schaal


Rembrandt Frerichs, Tony Overwater, Vinsent Planjer: three musicians and contemporary cultural explorers.

More importantly: three very different individuals, each with the ability to turn innovative ideas into practice. Check out the projects to feel their energy and the possibilities their extensive network brings.


24 October 2021

Sunday, 15:30

Zeeuwse Concertzaal

Verwerijstraat 14 4331 TC Middelburg

Klaartje van Veldhoven en friends

29 October 2021


Paviljoen voor Ongehoorde Muziek

Ruysdaelbaan 106 5613DL

Jesse van Ruller / Rembrandt Trio:| Joe Henderson Project

06 November 2021


Muiden Grote Kerk

Rembrandt & Alma Quartet + Dominic Seldis (musici Kon. Concertgebouw Orkest)

07 November 2021


Kloosterbibliotheek Wittem

Rembrandt + Alma Quartet & Dominic Seldis (musicians concertgebouworchestra) Pianoconcerto

11 November 2021


De Philharmonie Haarlem

Lange Begijnestraat 11 Haarlem

Tony Overwater's Wereldzee Ensemble

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