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Curiosity drives. Our musical world is like a flea market, a bazaar, an attic full of stuff waiting to be explored. Our ears love strange sounds and instruments. They trigger questions on style, genre, instrumentation: ‘What if we could…?’.

Curiosity embraces. Our art is all about incorporation: acquired knowledge and fresh insight are respectfully transformed into something new. Other art forms may enter our stage.

Curiosity communicates. After a lot of preparation, we allow our improvisational qualities to take over. An ultimate form of musical thinking, not limited to the jazz tradition. We like our performances to make the audience an active partner in the creative moment.

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Making of ‘A Wind Invisible Sweeps Us Through The World’.

A feature about our new album ‘A Wind Invisible Sweeps Us Through The World’. The recording process in the beautiful OrgelPark in Amsterdam and about the compositions on the album.

Rembrandt Trio & Kayhan Kalhor – ‘Offering’

Kayhan Kalhor, kamancheh & Rembrandt Trio on fortepiano, violone and Whisper Kit. Live on Dutch national television, 2018

Rembrandt Trio – ‘Skoeba’

Live at BIMHUIS Amsterdam

Hossein Alizadeh, Rembrandt Trio, CelloOctet – ‘Finale’

Live at contemporary music festival November Music 2017, the Netherlands

Salon Joussour with Rima Khcheich

Live in Archeological Museum Leiden, the Netherlands, 2013. Special edition of Salon Joussour celebrating 400 Years of Arabic Studies at the University of Leiden



Volkskrant Review ‘Warm to the touch’

Wonderful review at one of the most influential newspapers of the Netherlands De Volkskrant, written by Guido van Oorschot.
“Music as an art of the here and now, with a surprise waiting after every bar line”
you can listen to the album at your favourite platform here:


New Release: Vinsent Planjer's WARM TO THE TOUCH

WARM TO THE TOUCH is the new album by Vinsent Planjer featuring his own compositions in duo and trio settings. his musical partners are nothing short of the top players in Dutch classical music and jazz. This high level of skill is essential because the compositions are challenging, both technically and in terms of musical choices. The unusual combination of percussion and melodic instrument has no standard approach. What’s more, Planjer insisted on some degree of improvisational input from each musical partner, which for some is not within their natural comfort zone. The result is a collection of eight highly diverse pieces, showcasing a broad range of interests and inspirations.
Throughout his career as a performing musician, Vinsent Planjer has focused on using percussion to evoke a multitude of moods and emotions, from meditative to exuberant, tender to aggressive, humorous to dead serious. The underlying idea is the belief that (non-melodic) percussion can communicate the entire spectrum of musical experiences.


Huispianist at Podium Klassiek TV

Rembrandt Frerichs was in-house-pianist for Dutch National TV program “Podium Klassiek”.
It’s Brain Awareness Week! Therefore, this episode of Podium Klassiek is dedicated to music and the brain.
– Professor of neuropsychology Erik Scherder is one of the guests, explaining why we should especially sing together as much as possible.
– Rembrandt Frerichs is fascinated by the creative choices the brain makes under pressure


Rembrandt Frerichs, Tony Overwater, Vinsent Planjer: three musicians and contemporary cultural explorers.

More importantly: three very different individuals, each with the ability to turn innovative ideas into practice. Check out the projects to feel their energy and the possibilities their extensive network brings.

The Persian Connection

Through their love for the Persian musical traditions, the Rembrandt Trio has come into contact with some of the great Iranian musicians. Read more

Rembrandt Trio

The Rembrandt Trio is internationally known for their artistic curiosity and innovative collaborations that contant keep moving jazz forward. Read more

The Drum Whisperer

In intimate settings of duos and trios Vinsent Planjer explores the sonic possibilities of percussion in combinations with a range of instruments. Read more

Tony Overwater's Spirits

Tony Overwater has always been taken by the spirituality of music; the magic of sound, of improvisation. For this new ensemble he carefully selected two female and two male musicians, each with different cultural backgrounds. Read more

Mohammad Motamedi (Iran)

The Rembrandt Trio collaborate with Iranian singer Mohammad Motamedi. They just released their album ‘Intizar’. Read more

Salon Joussour

Classical Arabic music is a world of passion, poetry, nuances and details. Yet the background, the instruments and the musical language remain uncharted territory for most audiences. Read more

Piano Concerto

For pianist and composer Rembrandt Frerichs (1977), a new musical adventure began when viola player Michael Gieler invited him for an open conversation. Gieler is a solo violist with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra and leader of the IJ-Salon series, a cross-border ‘playground’ of chamber music with musicians of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra. Gieler planted a seed that grew into a composition commission for Rembrandt’s first Piano Concerto. Rembrandt took up the challenge.  Read more

The Contemporary Fortepiano

With the line-up of fortepiano, violone and Whisper Kit, the Rembrandt Trio have created a totally new sound over the past few years. It reflects perfectly their love for jazz, European Early music and art music from the Middle East. Read more

De Staalmeesters

‘When Mozart performed, he played Mozart. He improvised. In that respect, this program may be closer to the performance practise of the great classical composers than you might think.’ Read more

The Art of the Trio

Music is a great way to lose track of time, an effect that it shares with any engrossing piece of art. Read more


24 April 2024

Wednesday, 22:00

Show of hands - istanbul

Tony Overwater solo

25 April 2024

Thursday, 22:00

Show of hands - istanbul

Tony Overwater solo

27 April 2024

Saturday, 18:00


Telegraafstraat 62 5028 BM, Tilburg


30 April 2024

Tuesday, 22:00


Amsterdam Andalusisch orkest.

01 May 2024

Wednesday, 22:00


Amsterdam Andalusisch orkest.

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