In intimate settings of duos and trios Vinsent Planjer explores the sonic possibilities of percussion in combinations with a range of instruments.

Be it for violin, trumpet, marimba or cello, these new compositions each display some unique interplay. When the Rembrandt trio plays with guest musicians it is a great opportunity to have the guest a duet with percussion. These duets, like the ones with Remy van Kesteren and Liza Ferschtman often proved one of the highlights of the concert and so the idea was born to develop a project built around these duos. Also, the solo instrument/percussion duet is a very standard format in Persian music, which provides a direct inspiration.

Upcoming concerts

08 October 2022

Saturday, 11:00 - 13:00

Bachdag Amersfoort. Theater de Observant

Rembrandt Trio

08 October 2022

Saturday, 20:00


Doezastraat 1B 2311 GZ Leiden, Leiden

Maarten Ornstein & Tony Overwater

09 October 2022


Bij Beijers Binnen festival.

, Oud-Beijerland

Rembrandt & Efraim Trujillo