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The Art of the Trio

Music is a great way to lose track of time, an effect that it shares with any engrossing piece of art.

Nevertheless, attention span seems to be an issue with today’s museum visitor, as the average time a work of art is looked at is particularly brief (between 9 and 30 seconds, depending on the survey). The idea of combining visual art and music is an effective way to enhance a museum visitor’s focus and enjoy a genuine slow art experience.

An Art of the Trio performance is an interactive concert with music that is composed and improvised specifically for one or more works of art present in the museum where the concert takes place. During these concerts the audience is actively invited to share their thoughts and comment on the music and the art. Audience members are also given the opportunity to choose works of art they would like to ‘hear’.

For more information, please visit the Dutch website of The Art of the Trio.

‘Mirò came to life!‘

Gundy van Dijk – Cobra Museum Amstelveen

‘A unique addition to the museum selection’

Eva Schaap – CODA Museum Apeldoorn

Rembrandt Trio plays to ‘Structuur, 07.11.2014’ by Christiaan Kuitwaard, at Museum Belvédère, Oranjewoud, the Netherlands 2017.

Upcoming concerts

31 March 2023

Friday, 22:00

Cemil Rey Concerthall. Istanbul. TURKEY

Kayhan Kalhor / Erdal Erzincan & Rembrandt Trio

13 April 2023

Thursday, 22:00

CODA museum Apeldoorn

Rembrandt & de Staalmeesters PIANOCONCERTO

22 April 2023

Saturday, 22:00

Koln Philharmonie

, Koln, Germany

Rembrandt Trio "The Contemporary Fortepiano"