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The Contemporary Fortepiano

With the line-up of fortepiano, violone and Whisper Kit, the Rembrandt Trio have created a totally new sound over the past few years. It reflects perfectly their love for jazz, European Early music and art music from the Middle East.

This music is all about intimacy of sound. Rembrandt Frerichs plays a fortepiano, the predecessor to the modern grand piano. This one is a copy of a 1790 Walter model, like the instrument Mozart had in his home. The Netherlands National Musical Instrument Fund (NMF) had this instrument built specially for Rembrandt by the famous Belgian piano craftsman Chris Maene.

The NMF was equally impressed by Tony Overwater’s violone playing and commissioned the creation of a violone for him as well. The violone can be seen as the predecessor to the double bass and Tony’s instrument is a copy of a violone from 1540.

The story of Vinsent Planjer’s Whisper Kit is one of years of collecting, modifying and building from scratch. The whispering-aspect of this eclectic percussion set is fully explored in the combination with fortepiano and violone.

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‘This trip of the daredevil men with their old boxes sounds strange and yet familiar – and above all timelessly good’


Rembrandt Trio – ‘Escher’

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