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Tony Overwater Ensemble & Salon Joussour

Classical Arabic music is a world of passion, poetry, nuances and details. Yet the background, the instruments and the musical language remain uncharted territory for most audiences.

Salon Joussour is a passionate and effective ambassador, through organizing concerts, workshops and lectures. The aim is to create a kaleidoscope of music, streaming from Palestine, Lebanon, Egypt, Iran, Turkey and Morocco. Actively connecting renowned Dutch musicians with guests from the Middle East, Salon Joussour builds a bridge that bonds Arabic and European ingenuity.

For more information, please visit the website of Tony Overwater and the website of Salon Joussour.

‘A collective of top musicians who transcend stylistic and regional borders’

Salon Joussour in Korzo, The Hague, the Netherlands

Upcoming concerts

31 March 2023

Friday, 22:00

Cemil Rey Concerthall. Istanbul. TURKEY

Kayhan Kalhor / Erdal Erzincan & Rembrandt Trio

13 April 2023

Thursday, 22:00

CODA museum Apeldoorn

Rembrandt & de Staalmeesters PIANOCONCERTO

22 April 2023

Saturday, 22:00

Koln Philharmonie

, Koln, Germany

Rembrandt Trio "The Contemporary Fortepiano"