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Tony Overwater’s Spirits

Tony Overwater’s Spiritual Unit:

Tony Overwater has always been taken by the spirituality of music; the magic of sound, of improvisation. For this new ensemble he carefully selected two female and two male musicians, each with different cultural backgrounds. Turkish kemençe player Emine Bostanci and Iranian ud player Yasamin Shahhosseini, both from the young generation of musicians that is breaking musical boundaries and finding new ways of spirituality in music, German percussionist Ruven Ruppik and Initiator and bassist Tony Overwater. The music will linger around the borders of Persian, Turkish and Arabic music with plenty of room for improvisation but also unexpected twists.

Emine Bostanci – kemençe
Yasamin Shahhosseini – ud
Tony Overwater – violone contrabas
Ruven Ruppik – percussion

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