Iraq: Mosul Music Heritage Festival 2023

The Rembrandt Trio was invited to participate in a Goethe Institute/Unesco project to revive the musical culture in Mosul Iraq. Tony Overwater wrote an engaging story about this impressive trip.
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Jazz and World music on NPO (Dutch Public broadcast companies)

In recent years the Dutch Radio and TV station pay little to no attention to Jazz and World music. Tonality Music has initiated discussions, talks and meetings with Dutch public broadcasting companies and the ministry of culture to reclaim the exposure for Jazz and World music. Here you can read all about it. (Dutch Only)
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music for 'De Wereld in Ter Apel'

Tony Overwater both composed and performed the musical score for the BNNVara documentary series ‘De Wereld in Ter Apel,’ which delves into the Dutch refugee camp. Following his musical contributions to ‘Om de oude Wereldzee,’ ‘Justice for Sergei,’ and ‘Porseleinen Huwelijk,’ this marks the fifth documentary series by the skilled duo Hans Hermans and Martin Maat of ICU Documentaries for which Tony Overwater has crafted the music.


Rembrandt Trio performs in Saudi Arabia

In the dynamic year of 2023, with an extensive schedule that included performances in Greece, Turkey, Finland, Iraq, Spain, and Belgium, we are thrilled about our inaugural invitation to Saudi Arabia. The Trio had the pleasure of presenting concerts in Riyadh and Jeddah, along with conducting a workshop at the Saudi Music Hub. A heartfelt appreciation goes to the EU, the Dutch embassy, and our cherished friend Neil van der Linden for extending this gracious invitation to us!


NRC Review 'Intizar, songs of Longing'

NRC, one of the most prestigious Newspaper in The Netherlands, reviewed our latest album Intizar with Mohammad Motamedi:
“Motamedi has a beautiful velvety voice, and he delivers the lyrics (printed in translation in the booklet) with passionate conviction”
“The tasteful arrangements by violone player Tony Overwater contribute to the varied sonic landscape.”
“In the middle of the garden” follows a classical Persian structure, transitioning from a slow introduction to improvisations and building into an exhilarating song. “
Joep Stapel


The creative brain

The summer series on the creative brain by the daily newspaper Trouw features an insightful conversation with Rembrandt Frerichs. In an interview with Sandra Kooke, he delves into the intricacies of his creative process. The discussion particularly centers on the composition journey behind his recently completed Triple Concerto, commissioned by the Stift International Music Festival.


Spirits Special Edition at the BIMhuis

beautiful review of the Spirits concert at the BIMhuis

Feather-light and crystal clear.

In the second concert featuring Tony Overwater’s Spirit, classical Arabic music served as the unmistakable starting point for musical explorations. With feather-light and crystal-clear ensemble playing, Overwater, clarinetist Maarten Ornstein, ûd player Nizar Rohana, and percussionist Ruven Tuppik accompanied the intoxicatingly beautiful singing of Rima Khcheich from Beirut with melodically and harmonically unconventional counterplay, highly unusual in Arabic music.
However, the absolute highlight—not only of this concert but of the entire evening—was a thrilling duet between Khcheich and Overwater. “We all remember our first love,” Khcheich shared beforehand. “And that’s how the collaboration with Tony feels to me, like a first love. The song we’re about to perform was also the very first piece we ever played together.” During Overwater’s extended intro, the deeply felt emotional weight behind those words was already evident on Khcheich’s face as she attentively listened. And then, she had yet to open her mouth…”
Ton Maas
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Premiere 3rd Piano concerto, commissioned by Residentie Orkest

July 2023 marked the premiere of Frerichs’ third piano concerto, commissioned by the Residentie Orkest. During this extraordinary evening, he had the pleasure of collaborating with concertmaster Wouter Vossen. Together, they presented the world premiere of his latest composition, “Derde pianoconcert.”

Watch a video of the run through here: