NRC article on Warm to the touch

“Percussion should also be able to touch the heart.”

In this interview in leading Dutch newspaper NRC, Vinsent Planjer talks about his mission to merge melody and rhythm.

Read the full article (Dutch only)


Radio Cairo and Salon Joussour

Tonality organised a Salon Joussour about the music and life of Om Kalthoum during the Radio Cairo day at the National Opera in Amsterdam. Together with the Amsterdam Andalusian Orchestra, Nizar Rohana, Houttama Souleiman, Jawa Manla, Tony Overwater presented an in depth introduction about the life of this iconic musician.


Rembrandt featured at -Dag van de Componist-

Pianist/composer is featured at the National composer’s day organised by New European Ensemble. Concerts on the 15th of June will feature his new composition for this ensemble.


Volkskrant Review ‘Warm to the touch’

Wonderful review at one of the most influential newspapers of the Netherlands De Volkskrant, written by Guido van Oorschot.
“Music as an art of the here and now, with a surprise waiting after every bar line”
you can listen to the album at your favourite platform here:


New Release: Vinsent Planjer's WARM TO THE TOUCH

WARM TO THE TOUCH is the new album by Vinsent Planjer featuring his own compositions in duo and trio settings. his musical partners are nothing short of the top players in Dutch classical music and jazz. This high level of skill is essential because the compositions are challenging, both technically and in terms of musical choices. The unusual combination of percussion and melodic instrument has no standard approach. What’s more, Planjer insisted on some degree of improvisational input from each musical partner, which for some is not within their natural comfort zone. The result is a collection of eight highly diverse pieces, showcasing a broad range of interests and inspirations.
Throughout his career as a performing musician, Vinsent Planjer has focused on using percussion to evoke a multitude of moods and emotions, from meditative to exuberant, tender to aggressive, humorous to dead serious. The underlying idea is the belief that (non-melodic) percussion can communicate the entire spectrum of musical experiences.


New Review on Warm to the touch

“Impressive, sublime, one highlight after another, great album!” are among the words of praise for my album WARM TO THE TOUCH in this review.

read the full article on


Huispianist at Podium Klassiek TV

Rembrandt Frerichs was in-house-pianist for Dutch National TV program “Podium Klassiek”.
It’s Brain Awareness Week! Therefore, this episode of Podium Klassiek is dedicated to music and the brain.
– Professor of neuropsychology Erik Scherder is one of the guests, explaining why we should especially sing together as much as possible.
– Rembrandt Frerichs is fascinated by the creative choices the brain makes under pressure


Tonality Foundation creates Animation film

Tonality music is proud to present this beautiful short animated film. Our drummer Vinsent Planjer came up with a beautiful allegory to have people tap into what we try to achieve with our music.
It was animated and directed by the amazing Anna Eijsbouts and represents our artistic process in the most poetic way possible. It is narrated by the English voice actor Peter Kenny.
the video has subtitles (CC) in english and Dutch.


Arabic version of Tonality Magazin

Our Tonality Magazine has just issued its first Arabic edition. Many thanks to dear friend Nizar Rohana for translating and correcting the magazine.
We are about to leave for Saudi Arabia next week so this edition will come in handy.
You can also read the whole magazine on line at our website.


NRC list of best albums of 2023

What a nice surprise: the latest album of the Rembrandt Trio, with Mohammed Motamedi , was chosen as one of the best albums of 2023 by national newspaper NRC. Thnx so much for this happy ending of the year for us!


Rembrandt Trio visited Mosul, Iraq

One of the highlights of 2023 was the invitation by Unesco and the Goethe institute to participate at the first music festival in Mosul. Read the captivation story here.


Tonality Music Magazine no.8 on line

If you didn’t get your copy of our beautiful magazine at one of our concerts, now you can read all of them on line at our website.



Jazz and World music on NPO (Dutch Public broadcast companies)

In recent years the Dutch Radio and TV station pay little to no attention to Jazz and World music. Tonality Music has initiated discussions, talks and meetings with Dutch public broadcasting companies and the ministry of culture to reclaim the exposure for Jazz and World music. Here you can read all about it. (Dutch Only)
Open PDF


Parool review

New review in Dutch national newspaper Het Parool.Thanks Erik Voermans for listening in detail!

– “Rembrandt Trio strings together one pearl after another”
– “sounds the unity of a trio that sense each other down to the smallest details. ”
– “The musical inspirations are without exception beautiful, atmospheric, melancholic, but never sad: always comforting and subservient to what the musical space demands”



Making of 'A Wind Invisible Sweeps Us Through The World'.

A feature about our new album ‘A Wind Invisible Sweeps Us Through The World’. The recording process in the beautiful OrgelPark in Amsterdam and about the compositions on the album.


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Five Star Review Graffiti Jazz in Jazzthetik

The album Graffiti Jazz received a 5 star review by the prestigious German Jazz magazine Jazzthetik.

“Once an avid sprayer (hence the album title Graffiti Jazz), Rembrandt Frerichs (44) now teaches at the conservatory and curates concerts (when they are allowed to take place). With Tony Overwater (b) and Vinsent Planjer (dr), the Dutchman leads a trio that has been celebrated for years. The trio’s new album aims to translate the cheeky euphoria of graffiti street art directly into jazz: Unbridled motorik is the trump card. The musical inspiration for these clanking, machine-like, galvanized rhythms could be found in speed metal, but also in Bulgarian wedding dances, rattling clockworks or perhaps even a newly and differently heard Johann Sebastian Bach. What drummer Planjer does here, with cymbals, rattles, bells, and other metal parts, is reminiscent of a clattering, over-the-top mechanical contraption.
Ingeniously, though, this crazy motorwork combines with great improvisation, even swing (“The Big Over Easy”) or a Paul Simon song – “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover” has never had so much funk.
To take a breather, there are two ballads, one of them with the most beautiful of all Brahms themes.”
Hans-Jürgen Schaal


Tony Overwater and his Faunus Violone

This summer film maker Pim Hawinkels filmed me and my Faunus violone at the Chapel in St. Jean. It’s the fifth film we made together at this magical location in a little village in the middle of France.
The first time I recorded my solo composition ‘Chanson d’un Faune’ on the Faunus Violone built by Gesina Liedmeier.

Watch video on YouTube


Dutch newspaper Parool about Pianoconcertos

Article in het Parool about Rembrandt Frerichs’ pianoconcertos 1 & 2.


New Tonality Music Magazine out now

We always bring our magazines to the concerts but now you can view them on our website as well. The latest and 5th edition just went on line.
Click on the magazine.


10 Years Tonality

We celebrate ten years Tonality with a brand new website built by our friends at Green Room Creatives. The coming months the website will fill up with articles, news and videos. Please visit us to follow our latest activities.


New Rembrandt Trio recordings

We spent two days recording a new album in the amazing acoustics of the Orgelpark in Amsterdam. Full of antique organs with thousands of different sounds – the trio used the space, instruments and acoustics as their fourth band member. All captured for Just Listen Records by Jonas and  Jared Sacks in high quality audio and video. We can’t wait to hear the first mixes!


CD 'Same Self, Same Silence' now available on line.

Our latest release ‘Sam Self, Same Silence’ by the Rembrandt Trio and Hossein Alizadeh is now available at and Of course you can also listen at Apple Music and Spotify but then you will miss the great cover and booklet with lots of information on this wonderful project.


Concerts in February are cancelled

Unfortunately all concerts in February and early March are cancelled due to Covid-19 regulations. Hopefully our concerts with Kayhan Kalhor, Mohammad Motamedi and the trio concerts will find alternate dates in the coming months. Please keep an eye on our calendar.